Electronic Music Mastering


Electronic music mastering


World class audio treatment by a proven engineer using the latest tools. Dedicated to outstanding results and client satisfaction.



Ten Speed Audio's engineer, Robert Albus, has a breadth of experience including music mastering, location sound for film and publication, live event sound, acoustic treatment manufacture, and is a veteran underground electronic music producer.

Robert briefly interned under the Master Cutter at former Canada Boy Vinyl, and studied under the direction of Lanny Williamson's intensive studio recording training program.

He is the operator behind Field Recording Friday, and a key organizer in an electronic music producer meet-up and showcase: Habitat Studio Social

word on the street

"I selected Rob to be our label's resident mastering engineer based on my previous work with him. The product he delivers is strong, tight, and clean. He respects music, provides critical input to producers, and has great knowledge and command of industry tools. His turnaround times are reliable, the quality is consistent, and the result he delivers speak for itself. Every track mastered by Ten Speed Audio is worth every dollar invested."
Kris B.
Producer, Chordlust


"A mastering service that is as critical as I am is important to me. The results were exactly what I was looking for: crisp, clear, and loud, without any dynamics lost or emphasis misplaced. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a timely and professional service with top quality results."
Scottie Dueck
Producer, Knows
"I was floored by the  loudness and stereo depth Rob achieved while maintaining dynamics. He took my music to the next level; polishing it to be clear, punching, and thick, all while adhering to my original vision. This is my mastering engineer now."
Mark Adam
Founder of Recovery Mode
Producer, Mark Adam
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“Ten Speed Audio has my wholehearted trust. Rob really brought my tracks up to their full potential - the audio is crisp, clear, punchy, and the specific changes I requested in our consultation were taken care of as well. I definitely will be sending my future releases to Ten Speed Audio.”

John Maxwell
Producer, RJ Maxwell
"The turnaround was fast, and I received both .wav and .mp3 files. The value is great, and very competitive to other options on the market. Rob can count on getting some more tracks from me."
Ryan Hall
Founder of Soulier Music
Producer, Soulier

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Ten Speed Audio is a mastering house specializing in house, techno, breaks, and other electronic music.

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